European Slampionship

European Championship Poetry Slam 2017 

When? Saturday the 2nd of December 2017, 20:00 pm
Where? cc Jacques Franck, Waterloosesteenweg 94, 1060 Sint-Gillis + live stream
Who? The European Slampions!

En // Buckle up for the European Championship Slam Poetry, the verbal boxing match of the year, with words as hard as hell and sneers as smooth as silk. You decide who wins the title as European Champion Poetry Slam.
Shout, clap and wistle your favorite to the top.
22 Slammers from 19 European countries.
Europe’s finest, don’t miss out!

Nl // Verwacht je tijdens het EK Slam Poetry aan een zondvloed van woorden, als mokerende boks slagen en venijnige wespensteken. Jij stemt wie er naar de volgende ronde gaat en beslist wie de titel van Europees Kampioen 2017 krijgt. Kom je favoriete kandidaat naar de overwinning schreeuwen, klappen en fluiten.
22 Slammers uit 19 Europese landen.
Europe’s finest. Mis ze niet!

Fr //
Le Championnat européen de Slam Poésie, est un flux de paroles, comme des coups de boxe ou des piqûres de guêpe. Venez votez pour le candidat qui passeras au round suivant, vous déciderez qui portera le titre de Champion européen 2017. Venez crier, applaudir ou encore siffler pour votre candidat préféré.
Ils sont 22 et viennent de 19 pays européens.
Les meilleurs de l’Europe, il ne faut pas les rater!

Lisette Ma Neza (BE) – Rimmer (CZ) – Jaak Kand (EE) – Venla Moisala (FI) – LEXA (FR) – Chadeline (FR) – Péter Mészáros (HU) – Benjamin Burns (IE) – Nicholas Fitzgerald (IE) – Bruno Giovetti IT) – Simone Savogin (IT) – Roberto Vodanović (HR) – Marius Povilas Elijas Martynenko (LT) – Trpcheski Igor (MK) – Elena Wolff (AT) – Rudka Zydel (PL) – Luís Perdigão (PT) – Bojan Samson (RS) – Mišel Ristov (SI) – Martin Helcman (SK) – Margalida Followthelida (ES) – Frej Haar (SE) 

14:00 // Semi Finals
20:00 // Finals
23:00 // Secret After Party

💰 5€ 💰

INFO & Tickets // –

The European Champions this year:

  • Austria – Elena Wolff – FOMP

Elena Wolff is an actress, writer and poetry slammer from Austria with a sometimes inflated sense of self-importance paired with millenial imposter syndrome, who likes chinchillas, painting, baking cupcakes and making people feel uncomfortable by talking about feelings and her vagina. A lot.

 Elena Wolff Austria

  • Belgium – Lisette Ma Neza – Creatief schrijven/Pianofabriek

Lisette Ma Neza describes herself as a vulnerable girl, but yet a strong woman. Through poetry she deliberates her own identity, finds stories of others, loses herself in the audience and so she reaches a personal truth. Her performances balance between the painfully direct and the romantically naïve and tend to touch the audience deeply.

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Fotograaf: Marc Horsten

  • Croatia – Roberto Vodanovic Copor – Dadanti

Roberto Vodanovic Copor is a multimedial artist from Zadar. Born in Split in 1970. He released the music for various independent publishers from the region but also from Europe and America. In his music he often combines the sounds of nature or the sounds of cities, and as a background he uses the sounds created from everyday objects.

1 Croatia Roberto Vodanovi- º

  • Czech Republic – Jiri Charvat- Detour Productions, z.s. / SLAM POETRY CZ

A writer, copywriter, poet, performer and cartoonist who claims: “Everything is just stories. And you live through the one you have believed in.” After ingesting the vine of the soul, he found out that he himself does not exist. That makes him write even more.

2 Czech Republic Rimmer

  • Estonia – Jaak Känd – HEADRAND (literary festival)

Jaak Känd (61) is a man whose spirit is always inflamed. His interests and activities are seemingly polar opposites – a math teacher and a poet, a stubborn old man but so open to creativity. Jaak enjoys performing… and also to quietly work on his ideas.

Jaak_Känd (photo Vaido Lilllemaa) (1)

  • Finland – Venla Moisala

Venla Moisala is ”the hot potato” of Finnish poetry slam at the moment. She won a silver medal in the Finnish national championships of Poetry Slam in August 2017. She has written and performed poems for as long as she can remember and this autumn she is having a lot of performances around Finland.

4 Finland Venla Moisala

  • France – Chadeline Loget – FFDSP / slam production / GRAND SLAM NATIONAL GSN 2017

“Not the strength of a lion, but the art of being a chameleon

Chadeline or … The art of discretion

I get in between the punctuation marks … ”

Chadeline has always been convinced she had a mission to fulfil on Earth… As a child, she already scribbled in her corner her vision of the world, discreetly observing all facets of it. She shares her thoughts in the heart of her forest, with her loyal companions, her cats hence her pseudonym. As a specialized teacher, she expresses her desire to help change this world. So she bursts out her ideas that have been bubbling inside up until then.

5 France Chadeline

  • France – Lexa (Alexandre RIVET) – Ligue slam de France

Lexa was born and raised in Villeurbanne, in the suburbs of Lyons. From birth, he is lulled by poets like Georges Brassens or Louis Aragon, whom his parents love. But as a child, Alexander, his actual name, is not fascinated by the French language, but rather by basketball and Michael Jordan. After that, he discovers the slam scene. He won in Strasbourg in May 2017, the French slam league team contest.

6 France Picture Lexa

  • Hungary – Peter Meszaros – Slam Poetry Hungary Association, Kulkom Bt. (cultural company)

My name is Pétér Mészáros, I recently became the national champion of Hungary, the magical place where you can speak freely nearly anything, because no one understands your language in the whole world. I’m a psychologist, so basically my personal therapy is to release my problems on stage with a little dark irony. Sometimes it helps everyone.

Peter Hungary

  • Ireland – Ben Burns – All Ireland Poetry Slam

Benjamin Burns is a poet and musician from County Sligo, Ireland. He currently lives in Cork City, where he can be found frequenting poetry nights and open-mics, or playing guitar in folk-punk collective ‘The 5th Floor’. Benjamin was runner-up in the Munster Poetry Slam 2016, and joint-winner of the All Ireland Poetry Slam 2016.

7 Ireland Benjamin Burns

  • Ireland – Nicholas Fitzgerald- All Ireland Live Poetry Slam

Nicholas Fitzgerald is an Irish poet who has been performing Poetry since his college days. He read out Allen Ginsberg’s “Howl” to a crowd when he we 20 and never looked back. Since then, he’s performed for culture night, in a castle, and at open Mic nights all over Ireland. He was the regional champion of the West of Ireland in 2016, and then shared the title of All-Ireland Slam Poetry Champion for 2017.

8 Ireland Nicholas Fitzgerald

  • Italy – Bruno Giovetti – SLAM ITALIA – Rete Italiana di Poetry Slam

Bruno Giovetti, born on March 22, 1956 in Canale d’Alba, Italy. Worker poet with peasant roots, electronic expert, writes in Italian and in dialect. His is the collection of poems “Sweet Roots” (2004). Holder of the Poetry Slam Italian Champion title 2017.

9 Italy Bruno Giovetti

  • Italy – Simone Savogin – LIPS

Dubbing director and screamer in some bands, he writes since he remembers, but he doesn’t remember what he writes.

Italy picture Simone Savogin (1) (1)

  • Lithuania – Marius Paul Elijah Martynen

Born: 2nd of March 1992 (premature birth)

Height: 168 cm

Weight: Increasing

Ego: Gigantic

Studied philosophy, translation. Lived with monks for a year. Currently he is studying theatre acting. Changed 11 workplaces since he was sixteen. Most of the time he worked as a bartender. Was hospitalised in a mental hospital, but ran away, ergo, is not such an idiot. Burned down his flat while making fireworks. Had thirteen diabetic comas, saw things at the end of the tunnel. Touches himself at night.


  • Macedonia – Trpcheski Igor – Theater workshop Prilep

Igor Trpcheski is living in Prilep. He loves to sing and to drink King Marko Cepenkov. Igor likes to roam of the streets. He often works in a theater and he’s been studying to become an actor. They don’t pay him much, but he doesn’t care. He does exactly as he says.

11 Macedonia Trpcheski Igor

  • Poland – Rudka Zydel – “Zamek”culture centre in Poznan

Rudka Zydel- born in 1987, lives in Kraków, started performing at poetry slams in 2012. Winner of the first National Slam Poetry Championship in Poland, 5. Slam Poetry Night, 11. Spoke’n’Word festival and many more.

12 Poland Anna Kalfas alias Rudka Zydel

  • Portugal – Luís Perdigão – Portugal Slam

Always adding and subtracting, he lives in a constant flow. He fragments him self according to what he feels. He has no tricks, he doesn’t drink absinthe, he is not a genius. Luís is a trapped beast in the real world. He doesn’t write what he desires, he is forced to dive into what he sees. He doesn’t know if he writes life or if it’s life who writes him.

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  • Serbia – Bojan Samson – Citizens Association “Poezin”

Bojan Samson (born in Osijek, 1978) graduated at the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad Serbian literature and language. He published a poetry volume Superblues (2007), and redicted version of the same volume at the Jurodiva Knjizara site.

16 Serbia Bojan Samson

  • Slovakia – Martin Helcman – Tomás Zelezník

1993-2011: I lived in a suburban area of Kosice with my parents

2016-now: I am a postgraduate student at that the Veterinary and pharmaceutical University in Brno

Mato Helcman

  • Slovenia – Misel Ritsov – SiSlam; Pest Besed

Slovenian writer, poet, rapper, youth worker and so many other things. Heavy in the game of subcultural projects. Fell in love with poetry at the age of 14. Started writing in high school, because he was bored, but expanded his creative ways and perfected his socially conscious content well after his college days.

13 Slovenia Misel Ristov

  • Spain – Margalida Followthilida – Poetry Slam España

I was born in Mallorca in 1992 but I’ve lived in different points of Europe. I think I was a fish once so I still breathe like they do and love the sea as much as they do. I started participating in slams two years ago and have to say I couldn’t leave this even if I wanted to, I need it, it cures me. I love pizza too.


  • Sweden – Frej Haar – Gõteborgs Poetry Slam

Frej Haar (pronouns they/them) is a 20-year-old Danish-Swedish spoken word poet with roots in trans activism, heritage studies and music. Often based on their own experiences, Frej plays with subjects like gender, biology, climate change, religion, mental illness and politics.

15 Sweden Frej Haar picture by Patrik Petroff


You can find the pictures of the EC Poetry Slam 2016 on our Facebook page or on our Flickr account.

We also made a small video. As you can see in the following video, you missed out on something if you weren’t there! We hope to see you this year the 2nd of December in cc Jacques Franck in Brussels.


Carmien Michels, born in Belgium but the Dutch Slampion of 2016, became the new European Champion last year. She will be passing her title of European Champion the 2nd of December 2017 in cc Jacques Franck, Brussels. Curious who will be the next European Slampion! The Belgian Champion, Giovanni Centola, ended at the fifth spot at the European Championship.
THE NETHERLANDS - Carmien Michels

THE NETHERLANDS – Carmien Michels

The Dutch finalist this year will be 26-year-old Carmien Michels, a degree holder of the programme Woordkunst (“Word-Art”) of the Koninklijk Conservatorium of Antwerp. Between publishing her first works in book-form, did she always also enter and conquer the stages of the Netherlands, Belgium and where else it took her on her journey. This year, she already participated in the Poetry Slam World Championship and came back home with a bronze medal!


Simon Raket, the Belgian Champion, won silver. Nuno Piteira, from Portugal, is the European Champion Poetry Slam 2015.




Zygimantas Mesijus Kudirka from Lithuania won the European Slampionship on the 28th of November. Zyggi is copywriter, Slam Poetry performer and avant-garde rapper. Jakbrol, the Belgian Slam Champion, finished seventh.



The European Championship Poetry Slam 2012 was held in Antwerp, Belgium. Dani Orviz from Spain was the European Poetry Slam Champion 2012. The Belgian Youness candidate came second. The British Stephanie Dogfoot won the bronze.