European Slampionship

You can find the pictures of the EC Poetry Slam 2016 on our Facebook page or on our Flickr account. Enjoy!

We also made a small video. As you can see in the following video, you missed out on something if you weren’t there! We hope to see you next year for the Belgian Championship Poetry Slam 2016.


When? Saturday the 26th of November 2016, 20:00 pm
Where? 30CC/Wagehuys, Brusselsestraat 63, 3000 Leuven + live stream here on
Who? The European Slamchampions!
BELGIUM - Giovanni Centola

BELGIUM – Giovanni Centola

2014 is the year that Giovanni Centola starts with slam poetry. He’s only 20 years old but he’s already possessed by everything with word in it. In his texts he wants to achieve an exciting flow combined with a perfect technique. He wants to break the chains of communaurism while the public is watching and nodds.



Born in 1991 Christoph Steiner decided to become a poet after writting his first love letters in the age of 12. While he studied in Germany, he became father of a lovely boy. Today he writes poems about life and whispers, shouts, crys and laughs on stage.

SLOVENIA: Nina Medved

SLOVENIA: Nina Medved

Presenting Nina Medved, aged 27, is presenting a quintessentially creative culture-person. Among writing her own poetry, she also helps translate French literature into Slovenian and works as cultural producer. Also did she have her first solo photographic exhibition in 2013. If winning the EK poetry slam, the participation at the World Championship wouldn’t be her first appearance on a Paris’ stage: Already in December 2014, she had been invited to a reading at La Maison de la poésie in Paris together with two other poets.


LITHUANIA: Marius Povilas Elijas Martynenko

The Lithuanian finalist for the EK Poetry Slam 2016 will be Elijas whose body height is not at all comparable with his ego (168cm to gigantic). A year ago, Elijas burned down his flat when making fireworks – so all we hope is you won’t bring any to our show! No harm meant, we are still looking so forward to your poetry!

PORTUGAL: Rogério Gouveia

PORTUGAL: Rogério Gouveia

Rogerio Gouveia, our Portuguese champion in the EK poetry slam, believes that the only constant in life is to always be changing. So, probably he studies philosophy. But… No, he isn’t. In fact, he’s going to be a psychologist – which actually fits as well. Personally, he says that writing creates a weird dependence which we are very curious to get to know!

HUNGARY: Barany Bence

HUNGARY: Bence Bárány

Bence Bárány started his writing career at the age of 13. This first poem was about cows escaping a farm where they had been treated badly… But the years passed by and in 2013 he discovered in the slam poetry scene the possibility to be heard. This November, he will participate as the Hungarian finalist in the EK Poetry Slam in Leuven.



Writer, poet, copwriter, scriptwriter, cartoonist and performer; author of crowdfunded comedic office ESC and existentially-vaginal comic strip ‘Quest for Ovum’. “Because I don’t know, I write. To amuse. To connect. And to assure myself I am not alone in this.”

Dante Alarido - Spain

SPAIN – Dante Alarido

Dante Alarido is the shouter-ego of Carlos Elías, our Spanish champion for EK poetry slam from Barcelona. Once again, we meet a multitalented slammer here, as he graduated in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and works as game maker, math teacher and graphic designer – and STILL also a slammer. Phew! Dante Alarido identifies himself as passionate about education and creativity as the few ways humans can save their selves from their own nature and believes in cheddar as the path to the perfect sandwich. We hope you’ll like the sandwiches here and look forward to meeting you on stage!

CROATIA : Dino Skare

CROATIA – Tremens

Tremens from Croatia is not only rapper, actor and student of communication science, but also one of our finalists for the EK Poetry Slam! What more about him, well he hates injustice, racism, stupidity, smoking, drugs, coffee, chauvinism and aggression. Is there at least one thing he loves? There is. He loves food.

MACEDONIA - Elena Prendjova

MACEDONIA – Elena Prendjova

Our Macedonian performer Elena Prendjova dedicates her whole life to poetry: She is not only a poet and slam poet but also organizer of poetry slam competitions. Yet, she has published six books, has been part of many international poetry festivals and holds several national poetry rewards. See you soon in Leuven at the EK Poetry Slam, Elena!

FRANCE - Lord Myke Jam

FRANCE – Lord Myke Jam

Slam poet and artisan of words, emotional megaphone, his voice resonates through his writings. His texts depicture some kind of oddness, they transform silence into stories that flucuate between reality and fiction. Whether he wispers, shouts or sings his poetry, it is above all a hiding place, a place of freedom, a breeze.

ESTONIA - Contra

ESTONIA – Contra

Contra is our Estonian candidate who also works as translator for Latvian poetry. In addition, he has until now published more than 20 poetry books and is also known as a humourist. We look forward to seeing you on stage in Leuven for the EK Poetry Slam, Contra!

THE NETHERLANDS - Carmien Michels

THE NETHERLANDS – Carmien Michels

The Dutch finalist this year will be 26-year-old Carmien Michels, a degree holder of the programme Woordkunst (“Word-Art”) of the Koninklijk Conservatorium of Antwerp. Between publishing her first works in book-form, did she always also enter and conquer the stages of the Netherlands, Belgium and where else it took her on her journey. This year, she already participated in the Poetry Slam World Championship and came back home with a bronze medal!

SERBIA - Simonida Banjeglav

SERBIA – Simonida Banjeglav

Simonida Banjeglav, coming from Serbia, is one of the many musicians in our pool of spoken word artists at EK poetry slam 2016. Born in 1972 in Belgrade, she has until now published four collections of poetry and won numerous poetry awards.

Logos (Italy)

ITALY: Logos

On the one side studying law in Bari, on the other side being MC of a funk band called StipCa Groove and last but definitely not least is he one of our finalists in the EK Poetry Slam 2016: Our Italian candidate Logos is obviously of great (and diverse!) talent! Born in 1993, words have always mattered and has especially fallen for palindromes and raps.

FRANCE: Gaëlle Rauche

Gaëlle Raucher actually states she isn’t a slammer. Nevertheless, she slams and will be one of our two French participants in the EK Poetry Slam. What characterizes her? One the one hand her high heels, one the other hand her texts “with gallows humor, a twist of nostalgia and a bitter aftertaste”.

ITALY: Simone Savogin

Like France, Italy does have more than one finalist! Among Logos, Simone Savogin will participate in Leuven at EK Poetry Slam 2016. What’s important to know about him? Simone is a singer, forms part of three different bands, works in a dubbing studio, has been writing since always – and tends to forget everything, especially what he writes. We hope you won’t forget your text on stage, Simone!

Juho Kuusi, Finland

FINLAND: Juho Kuusi

Juho Kuusi is a rapper, electronic musician and spoken word artist from Southern Finland. Among his studies, he gives slam poetry workshop in public institutions and will also be one of our instructors in the prison workshop in Leuven. Juho has already been the Finnish Champion back in 2012. Now, he will leave his country’s beloved nature to join us in the EK Poetry Slam in Leuven!


SWITZERLAND: Remo Zumstein

We are proudly presenting: Remo Zumstein who was born in the region where the famous Emmenthaler cheese is made. Already as a first-grader, he stated that one day, he’ll become a famous poet – and here we go, he now is Swiss champion for the EK Poetry Slam in Leuven! This is already something, isn’t it?

IRELAND: Rory Jones

IRELAND: Rory Jones

Rory Jones is one of the very few slammers performing in English at the EK Poetry Slam 2016. Based in Belfast, Nothern Ireland, he is now the all Ireland poetry slam champion. His text’s subjects are absolutely widely spreaded: from love to mental health, isolation, beards (he is a proud ginger beard himself), history and children’s TV.



Simon Raket, the Belgian Champion, won silver. Nuno Piteira, from Portugal, is the European Champion Poetry Slam 2015.




Zygimantas Mesijus Kudirka from Lithuania won the European Slampionship on the 28th of November. Zyggi is copywriter, Slam Poetry performer and avant-garde rapper. Jakbrol, the Belgian Slam Champion, finished seventh.



The European Championship Poetry Slam 2012 was held in Antwerp, Belgium.  Dani Orviz from Spain was the European Poetry Slam Champion 2012. The Belgian Youness candidate came second. The British Stephanie Dogfoot won the bronze.